These guys were headlining this night over Slayer. They were that popular at the time. The band became very controversial with the PMRC regarding their lyrics and album cover art. They were very entertaining and put on a great stage show. As a photographer they kept me busy. Blackie Lawless was very visual drinking blood from a skull and spitting it out kind of like another famous bass player from KISS. Sure they may have borrowed some ideas from bands like Alice Cooper and KISS, but they put their flair on it, and had some hard rockin songs. As band history goes, it was late in 1983 when Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood went to see the band. He was extremely impressed with the music and outrageous live performances he decided to get involved. A substantial recording contract was agreed with Capitol Records in early 1984 and the band started to record their debut album “W.A.S.P”. Guitarist Chris Holmes was believed to have died, maybe due to his display of drunkiness in the movie “Decline of Western Civilization – The Metal Years”, but he is alive and rockin.