Rare classic rock and roll concert photography

Queensryche Rare classic rock and roll concert photography

One listen to these guys back then and you knew they were going to be big. Well written songs with some great hard rocking riffs and then there was Geoff. Geoff Tate is known as one of the best vocalist in the business, this guy has a range that has to be heard to be believed. I was fortunate to see them several times back then and at small venues and I was always amazed at how professional they were for being kids around the same age as myself. This was the band I always wished I could duplicate with fellow musicians that I knew. This show was phenomenal as they performed songs from their self titled EP and their latest album “the Warning”. I was so excited to be that close for the photos that I probably blinded the guys a few times with my camera flash. (sorry Geoff) Most of the shows I was shooting without a flash or from a few rows back..this show was “knees on the stage” close. Look for some definite live loud photos from this night..